Ornamentally Thesis 1 by Kyle McGuire
Ornamentality 2 by Kyle McGuire
Ornamentality 3 by Kyle McGuire

Holistic Ornamentality Thesis Book

This book was designed and written as the culmination of my graphic design BFA Thesis. I chose to focus my thesis on the place of ornamentation in design in the past and today. In my essay I examined the associations and emotive meanings that styles embody and how our conception of taste and beauty have changed over time. The book is the result of this research and writing into a topic that continues to inspire and motivate me as a designer.

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The Gilded Salvage McAllister House by Kyle McGuire
The Gilded Salvage Mission House by Kyle McGuire
The Gilded Salvage Angel ornament by Kyle McGuire
The Gilded Salvage Orange Fence by Kyle McGuire

The Gilded Salvage: SF's Exuberant Row Houses

This book offers views of San Francisco’s classic row houses as they exist today both pristinely restored and in decrepit and decaying condition. In recognition of their continued currency today the book employs a sleek and modern visual language. The proportions of the book and its typography are drawn from the dense verticality of San Francisco’s memorable streets. All of the photography is original and was shot on location by me in San Francisco.

Princeton Architectural Press Pamphlet Architecture Website by Kyle McGuire

Princeton Arch. Press Pamphlet Architecture Website

This project involved updating and refreshing the style and coding of Princeton Architectural Press’s Pamphlet Architecture contest website for the 2005 edition. The objective of the redesign was a minimalist aesthetic appropriate for a series of small books focusing on a wide variety of work from emerging and unconventional architects. The website featured online contest entry forms and rules, descriptions of all the past winning entries, and integrated with Princeton Architectural Press’s larger publication catalog site allowing users to purchase publications of previous winners’ work.

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